Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (PP)

This document are part from agreement that be necessary You (client) to agree as long as become client shared or reseller hosting. own comitmen for respect and guard your online privacy. have to right to carry out modification about TOS today if be needed necessity, and before concerning announcing to client.

Several part website we use cookie.

Email Address
We attain use email address and address you for calling you about hosting services that we give or that concerning us, also for to reveal about payment or announcing important about server status.

Privacy Data in Server
We concerning make every effort better for guard in order that your data at server we that private (as for source code from script that No desire divide to person different, database, or data at directory home you that No desire attain look at by user different) No by easy attain purpose, except if you alone that take care of setting account you in order that mentioned attain purpose.

At outside point-point at upstairs, we No concerning divide data private you to party 3rd, except if obligation by law.

Refund Policy (RP)

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 120 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This document today are part from agreement that be necessary You (client) to agree as long as become client shared hosting.

to do document today at advantage together, i.e. for go around from activity that No need and guard in order that client to get services that optimum and better.

concerning carry out examine repeat about SLA today every 6 month, and have the right for carry out modification about SLA today if taste necessity, at anywhere at all before concerning to reveal matter to client.

1. Support
At some time or another just you want support, Please following contact us.

- Support/Helpdesk/General Information: https://www.cyberspace.co.id/shop/submitticket.php

- Hotline/SMS: +62811433512

- ICQ: 65545556

- Yahoo!: CV_CSI

We guarantee to answer email deep at the same time when sooner later 36 hour (although in general just deep at the same time when 2-4 hour or even fewer from 1 hour), except if sets of equipment communication we experience disturbance. If answer we late, we concerning give away compensation that appropriate.

We guarantee every question you concerning we respon, except if question replying or ever question before by you, or you carry out bombardir question to staf.

Method comunication that we like are email. As staf we moment today again enough, then we No attain to guarantee concerning answer all call by telephone that enter. staff have the right for No answer calling HP at time be busy follow client that different or be deep situation that fewer possible. We sugestion in order that you ask or request support by email. Nevertheless if you have matter that critis, don't be warry for call we 24 hour.

We to guarantee for answer question was also from you and finish matter you maybe. Nevertheless certain just No all question you necessity we answer. We No to guarantee for be abble answer question that No related by hosting service we as for, nevertheless No boundary beginning:

- question basic about programing (" how manner send email by silver or PHP, etc.");

- question about script or program that No we attach;

- request arrange matters domain that No register at we place;

- question about hosting service or different ISP.

Nevertheless as staf we rely on and freely, don't be warry ask matter was just if you need help!

We No to guarantee for to change cost that arise from 3rd party conection by support (among different, nevertheless No boundary beginning: telephone cost local/interlocal, roaming cost, letters cost and materai, etc.).

2. General Facility
We to guarantee than each klien we to get basic facility as following:

- control panel for take care of account you, belonging to file manager, email manager, subdomain manager,etc;

- subdomain that No limits;

Moment today we also give away email forwarding facility that No limit, email POP that No limit, data transfer that not yet measure. Matter today No we guarantee and attain change at the time that.

3. Server Status
We commitment for transparan and always fair deep to reveal status server. We to guarantee for give away data following:

network usage;
load server

4. Announcement
to guarantee concerning carry out announcement beginning (24-48 hour before) by means of email for events as for restart server, moving server next data center different, changing DNS, changing IP, and important event else.

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