I received an email asking me to update my domain contact information, but I don't know how!

Problem Description

These emails are sent on behalf of us by ICANN to ensure that your domain contact information is always up to date. The subject line is usually "Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)" We highly recommend following their guidance -- the more accurate your domain details, the easier it is to ensure you maintain ownership and control of the domain. The only trouble with these emails is that they're fairly generic for all domain registrars, meaning there isn't specific information describing how to update your contact information. Here are the steps!


  1. Login to your Cyberspace Indonesia account in the Client Centre.
  2. Choose Registered domains from the menu
  3. Manage the domain for which you intend to update contact information
  4. Select the "Management Tools" menu option followed by Contact Information in the submenu.
From here you can update all contact information associated with the domain.

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