When using an email redirect or forward to an external address, the mail never arrives at the destination

Problem Description

This can occur if you're forwarding email from an email address hosted with us to an email account hosted elsewhere (like an address provided by your Internet provider). The sender's server is making use of a modern email forgery prevention system called SPF (or DomainKeys) which limits the locations that their email can come from. Here's how it works:
When the sender's emails are received by our server, it will then proceed to forward the message to your final email address (as specified in Plesk). The final server sees that the message is coming from Websavers and not from the sender's server, checks this against the 'allowed servers' list, discovers that it's not allowed to accept email from the Websavers server and drops the message, causing it to never reach your final mailbox.

Problem Resolution

Unfortunately the only resolution to this problem is to stop redirecting email. You could instead use one of the following systems for receiving email if they are available to you.
  1. Stop forwarding email and set up your Websavers hosted email account on your computer and portable devices. Since the problem occurs when sending from the Websavers server to your final destination, you will always successfully receive email at your hosted email account with us.
  2. If your final destination email account supports it, configure it to connect to your Websavers hosted account and retrieve mail that way. As an example, Gmail has this option under Settings > Accounts & Import > Check mail from other accounts (using POP3). If you choose to use this option, be sure to tell Gmail that you want to both recieve and send email using mail.yourdomain.com.

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