Email is bounced with an error about DomainKeys or SPF

Problem Description

When you receive an error about SPF (and often a link to for more info) or DomainKeys in a bounce email, this means you are not using the correct server to send email. A common version of this error is "SPF unauthorized mail is prohibited"

Problem Resolution

Both SPF and DomainKeys prevent compliant mail servers from receiving SPAM that claims to be from your domain. For example, let's say your domain name is and someone sends an email from to one of your clients claiming to be someone from your organization. DomainKeys would prevent this from being received (assuming your client's email server uses DomainKeys) by validating the server that sent the email - not a Web Savers server - against your Web Savers server. A similar procedure occurs with SPF protection.

The downside comes into play when you legitimately use a server other than the Web Savers server where your domain is hosted to try to send an email - DomainKeys and SPF treat it the same as an email from someone trying to forge your domain.

To solve this problem, you must ensure that you are using in order to send emails so that the DomainKeys and SPF checks validate. If you cannot do this (some ISPs block the use of any SMTP server except their own), then you must disable DomainKeys. For SPF, you can add your ISP's SMTP server to the record, however this is only recommended if you absolutely cannot use the Web Savers server to send email.

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