What mail server settings should I be using?

This article is a general reference to be used for configuring any email application to access and send emails for accounts hosted on a Websavers server. You must create your email account in your hosting control panel prior to entering in these details in your email app, otherwise the set-up will fail. If you have transferred hosting to Websavers, you will still need to create the email accounts that you previously had set up with the old hosting company in your new hosting panel. For more detailed step-by-step guides for specific mail applications.

NOTE: Be sure you've created the accounts and that they are accessible through webmail before proceeding with the configuration of your mail program.


Enter your full email address.

For example, if your email address is john@redlightbulbs.com, you would use john@redlightbulbs.com as the username, not just 'john'. Your mail app may enter just the first part for you rather than the full address - make sure you correct that by providing the entire email address.


As you specified within Plesk. If you have not yet set up the email account in Plesk, then you will need to login to do so. If you don't know the password or your email app is telling you the authentication has failed or the password is wrong, you can reset it by following the directions found here. Note that this password is not your Client Centre or Plesk password, it is unique to the email address as you configured it in Plesk.

POP/POP3 or IMAP and SMTP Server


For example, if your domain is redlightbulbs.com, you would use mail.redlightbulbs.com. All three are the same address. 

Note: You may alternatively use your server's hostname which is found under your hosting plan's details page in the Client Centre. If you opt to use the server's hostname rather than mail.yourdomain.suffix, it's important to remember that in the event we migrate your hosting account to a new server, that server name may change and need to be updated in your mail application.


If you're provided an option to configure authentication, here are the supported types:

Incoming (IMAP) Authentication: Password, or MD5-Challenge-Response

Outgoing (SMTP) Authentication: MD5-Challenge-Response

POP3/IMAP (Incoming Server) Port

Allow your application to use the default setting. Setting up a secure connection will likely prompt you with an invalid certificate warning - you must accept the certificate anyway as many times as it prompts you in order to successfully set up the account. In the event that you are required to enter the port, here they are:

POP3 TLS: Port 110 [Works only with TLS encryption enabled]
IMAP TLS: Port 143 [Works only with TLS encryption enabled]

Note that unless you are using the server hostname, you will get a certificate error. This is because we don't have a certificate for the hostname 'mail.yourdomain.com' and we're unable to apply multiple certificates to a single mail server. You must accept the certificate anyway and it is recommended that you look for an option to accept it permanently. 

Be sure not to initially configure any email accounts on an untrusted connection such as an open WiFi hotspot. It is safe to access email from an open hotspot once configured for TLS, but it is not safe to initially configure an email account using an open WiFi hotspot.

SMTP (Outgoing Server) Port

Port 587 with TLS enabled (Use SSL if you do not have a TLS option -- this will typically autonegotiate TLS instead). Port 25 will NOT work

When setting the outgoing server to 587 you may be required to enable outgoing encyption as well. On Outlook it will say something like "Use the following type of encrypted connection:" -- set this to TLS or Auto if TLS is not available and accept the certificate when it prompts you. 

If your mail application has an option for Secure Password Authentication, do not enable it. The entire connection is secure when using TLS or SSL, so specifically authenticating with security is no longer required.

If you are unable to send email

Be absolutely sure that your application is configured to send using mail.yourdomain.com over port 587 and not your Internet provider's server. Try quitting and re-opening your email app as well as restarting your computer. If you are still unable to send email, please open a support ticket with the exact error your email application is presenting. Attach a screenshot showing your outgoing email configuration.

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