I added a new account, but cannot login to webmail or retrieve mail on my computer

First, ensure that you did not use any capital letters during the creation of the email address. While most email servers will simply convert them to lowercase and accept either during authentication, our most commonly used mail server, Qmail, does not.

Thus, if you created the email address SamFisher@splintercell.com, you will not be able to login. To remedy this problem, simply remove the account and re-create it using all lowercase - samfisher@splintercell.com in this example.

If you are using all lower-case already and are still unable to login by webmail (webmail.yourdomain.com), please wait at least 20 minutes for the configuration to update on the server. In the case of our shared servers, it is possible for the updates to be delayed if the server is under load during the time of creation.

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