How to train Spamassassin to improve your spam filtering

To get started, log in to cPanel and head to the mail account settings for the mailname you would like to train.

  1. Visit the client centre and login to your Web Savers account.
  2. Choose the Login to cPanel button under the account that hosts your email
  3. Choose "Mail" or "Mail Accounts" and, if prompted, choose the appropriate domain
  4. Select the email address for which you wish to train Spamassassin
  5. Choose the Spam Filter icon then select the Training tab on the far right side
  6. The messages shown here are those in your Inbox and are the only ones you can train. Check off any spam messages and choose the "It's Spam!" button. It is also recommended to select the remaining messages and click the "It's Not Spam" button. If you don't see any messages in the list, then you've either deleted them already or moved them to a SPAM folder manually. In order to proceed with training you will either need to move them back to the Inbox or wait for more incoming SPAM. Be sure not to move them from the Inbox until you've had a chance to train them in Plesk.
  7. Repeat this process until you have trained a minimum of 100 messages as Spam and 100 as Non-Spam.

The more you train the better, however after you've manually trained enough messages, the Spamassassin bayesian filter will automatically start categorizing Spam based upon the messages you've already told it about. In other words, similar incoming messages to those you've marked as spam are now more likely to be automatically considered spam than before. The same is true for non-spam.

If you're accessing your email via POP, you will need to configure your mail program to leave the messages on the server for a certain amount of time otherwise they will not remain in the inbox long enough for you to login and train them. if you're using IMAP, do not archive or move your messages to another folder until you have completed training.

Still getting tons of SPAM that isn't being marked?

If, after training, you're still seeing SPAM come through without being marked as you've configured your account, then we'll need some diagnostic data to investigate. In Outlook you can usually right click on the message and choose "View Source" to view the code behind the email. In Apple Mail it's the View menu, then Message > Raw Source. Once you're looking at the source, select all of it and copy and paste it into a support ticket. Here is what we will need to troubleshoot this problem (and what should be included in your ticket):
  1. The raw source of one of the SPAM messages that is not being marked as SPAM
  2. The email address you are receiving the SPAM at
  3. The SPAM score you have set in cPanel
  4. The number of messages you have trained as SPAM
  5. (Optional) If you're comfortable providing your password for the mail account, please do so. We can then login via webmail and investigate further. If you are unable to provide raw source as in item 1, then it is required that you allow us access to the account.

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