Someone is sending email using my email address or domain - how do I stop it?

Email forgery has become more prevalent in the last few years and the industry has developed a few different types of protection for it. We support two of them: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys.

Although all of our servers support both types of protection, SPF protection requires some reading on the topic in order to implement it correctly. With DomainKeys, one only needs to login to Plesk and check a box to start using it. To enable DomainKeys, complete the following steps:

Configuring DomainKeys (Simple)

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click on Domains and choose the domain you wish to protect with DomainKeys
  3. Click on the arrow beside the Mail header to find the Mail Settings option
  4. Check the box beside "Use DomainKeys spam protection system to sign outgoing e-mail messages"

That's it! You must ensure to use as your SMTP server - search for SMTP within this knowledgebase to learn how.

One last thing about DomainKeys - for it to be effective, the receiving email server must be 'playing along'. Some people may still receive email claiming to be from you if their email provider does not support DomainKeys - unfortunately you can't do anything to change this, aside from petitioning the receiver to start using DomainKeys protection.

Configuring Sender Policy Framework (Advanced)

SPF protection is enabled by adding a new record to your domain's DNS configuration. You should do some reading on how to generate your SPF record. You can read all about it and have the SPF website generate a record for you here:

If you're hosted on Basil, you will need to add one extra server IP to your record:


Once you have your record, complete the following steps to add it to your domain:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click on Domains and choose the domain you wish to protect with SPF
  3. Choose "DNS Settings"
  4. Select the "Add Record" button
  5. Choose "TXT" as the record type
  6. Leave the Domain Name field blank
  7. Enter your SPF record in the 'Enter TXT Record' box and choose OK

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