How do I access my webmail accounts?

Simple and Secure

Go to

This will automatically direct you to our Websavers branded secure webmail login. You can use this from anywhere in the world and, since it's using 256-bit encrypted SSL, you can be sure that even when connected to an open WiFi hotspot, nobody will be able to read your password.

Non-Branded, Less Secure

For non-branded webmail access, you can also use webmail. followed by your domain name, like this: https://webmail.yourdomain.suffix

Be warned that if you do not prepend that with https, you will be connecting via an insecure connection to the server, which will send your password in the clear. This means you should only use this when accessing webmail from a secure Internet connection.

When you prepend the URL with https://, Although you will receive a warning about the certificate being invalid, you can accept it anyway and the security will still be in place.

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