Atmail webmail search function returns no results

Problem: searching in Atmail returns no results when the search terms are confirmed as being found within at least one email

This is caused by an issue with Atmail. The solution can only be fixed by a root level server admin - if you don't have root access to your server, please open a ticket referencing this article so we can fix the problem for you.

The problem is caused by a line like this, wherein the year is prepending the first two digits to an already four digit year variable.

FROM "test search" BEFORE "31-Dec-202011" SINCE "25-Sep-202010"

To fix, edit search.php in the atmail directory (/var/www/atmail/search.php)

Change Line 364: $before = "$BeforeDay-$BeforeMonth-$BeforeYear"; Change Line 369: $after = "$AfterDay-$AfterMonth-$AfterYear";

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