How to ensure continuous communication

There are a few adjustments you can make to your account and the way you interact with Websavers staff to ensure that you are always able to contact us when you need us and vice versa.

Account Configuration

If we ever need to notify you of a security flaw in your software or send over a maintenance notification, we will send an email with all pertinent details. There are a couple of adjustments you can make to your Websavers account to ensure these emails can always reach you:
  1. Change your primary email address to an externally hosted email account (such as a Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook/Hotmail/Live or iCloud account) where we can reach you in case of email deliverability issues with your account with us, or
  2. Create a sub-account with your external email address and assign support and invoice emails to be sent to that account.
Behaviour Modification

In the event of a problem with your hosting or other services, be sure to check your Client Centre dashboard as it's very likely that we'll have a network issue open or a support ticket open that covers this issue already.

In the event of a problem with emails, be sure not to email us for help as your email might never arrive! (Remember, you are having email issues after all). Instead, head to our Client Centre and Ask an Expert for help. Our support tickets and live chat system will bypass email altogether and ensure that your request for help makes it through to our support staff. 

Be sure to check on your ticket regularly by logging in to the Client Centre since our email notifications may not reach you until email issues are resolved.

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