How to set a default page for your website from cPanel?

This article will guide you how to set a deault page for your website from cPanel. For this, kindly follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Click on File Manager.
  3. Go to the folder under public_html folder where your web pages are located.
  4. Search for .htaccess file.
  5. If the file is not there in your directory, then create it manually.
  6. You will need to add the below mentioned line in this file in order to set a default page for your website:
    DirectoryIndex FileName1 FileName2 FileNameN

    For example, if you want to set login.php file as the default page of your website, then add the below line in the .htaccess file:
    DirectoryIndex login.php

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