How can I reinstall my KVM VPS?

Unlike OpenVZ, KVM VPS can only be manually re-installed.

To reinstall your KVM VPS, please go to the VPS control panel and:

1. Click the Mount ISO button and mount your desired ISO (or CDROM --> Select --> Mount in SolusVM).
2. Change the boot order to "1.ISO 2.Hard Drive" or "ISO Only".
3. Reboot the VPS
4. Click "Show VNC Details" and you will be given the VNC IP, port and password.
5. Connect to the VNC server and install/configure your OS as desired.
6. Unmount the ISO, change the boot order to "1.Hard Drive 2.ISO" or "Hard Drive Only" and click reboot.

You may need to configure your VPS's networking before you can SSH in. A list of assigned IPs, netmask and gateway can be found in the VPS control panel to assist with your configuration. Please submit a support ticket if you are unable to configure your VPS's network interfaces.

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