How to do FTP over SSL/TLS in FileZilla?

For the security reasons, we recently enabled FTP over SSL/TLS on our Linux servers. Plain text authentication will no longer work on our Linux servers. For the Linux users we would suggest to use FTP client like FileZilla, CoreFTP to upload their web contents. Below mentioned are the instructions to upload files/folders using FileZilla FTP client:
Create Site

  1. Go to File -> Site Manager -> New Site.

  2. Following are the required details to fill up:

Host: Enter Hostname(i.e. or IP address which we have sent in Welcome e-mail.
Port: 21 (Default FTP port is 21, you can also keep it blank).
Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol.
Encryption: Select Required explicit FTP over TLS from dropdown list.
Logon Type: Select Normal from the dropdown list.
User: Your FTP username.
Password: Your FTP Password.

  1. Click on Connect button, if you wish to temporary connect otherwise click on OK button to save the details.

Dialog box with Unknown Certificate

  1. Once you click on connect button, it will ask for the certificate trust. Mark the checkbox "Always trust Certificate in future sessions".

  2. Click on OK button.

If you are still not able to connect using the provided steps, then feel free to contact us via email at with the exact error message. You may receive or directly initiate a chat request from our website

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