How to install MediaWiki in Linux hosting?

For example, you wish to install Media Wiki in "wiki" folder then you should extract the MediaWiki files/folders under this "wiki" folder. You should open this folder via browser as shown below:

It will ask you to set up MediaWiki.

Click on "Set up the wiki link" to proceed with the installation page.

Step 1: Site config

In this section, you will have to choose a name for your wiki, contact email, language and license. You will also have to set an admin username, password and select a caching method.

Step 2: E-mail, e-mail notification and authentication setup

In this step, you should configure email features for your wiki installation.

Step 3: Database config

In this section, you will have to set up your MySQL database details:

- Select MySQL for Database type.
- Type "localhost" for Database host.
- Enter database name, database username and password in MySQL database, username and password you created while you set up database from cPanel.
- The option for Superuser account should be left unchecked.

Step 4: MySQL specific options

- Database table prefix. You can leave this blank or type in a table prefix, for example mw_ or wiki_.
- Storage Engine. We recommend using InnoDB as a storage engine for your database.
- Database character set. Here, we recommend using Backwards-compatible UTF-8.

When you are ready, click on [Install MediaWiki!] button.

If everything has been set up correctly, you should see the Installation successful message like below:

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