How to: Configure Mozilla Thunderbird

Kindly follow the below steps to configure an email account with Mozilla Thunderbird:


  1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird.

  2. Click on Tools -> Account Settings.

  3. Click on the Add Account button.

  4. Select Email account from the list and press Next.

  5. Enter your name and email address, click on Next.

  6. Select POP as the type of incoming server;
    Type, where is your domain name;
    Click on Next.

  7. Type your full email address in the Incoming User Name, click on Next.

  8. Type an Account Name as per your preference, click on Next.

  9. A summary of your recently configured account will be displayed, click on Finish to continue.

    At this point you will be returned to the Account Settings dialog box. Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) and enter the details as below:

    Server Name: (where is your domain name)
     Your full email address
    Use secure connection:

  10. Click on the OK button.

Your new email account is configured and ready to use at this point!

 When sending email for the first time that you have configured an account, you might be prompted for a password. Kindly enter the password and press the OK button. If you do not want to be prompted for a password again, then select Use Password Manager to remember this password option before pressing the OK button.

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