About Us

Cyberspace Academy

Founded in 2021, Cyberspace has quickly grown to be a leading coding program with Makeblock






We wanted STEAM education to have broader access so students from various locations in Indonesia can experience this 21-Century learning program


To become one of the leading Ed-Tech service providers, be a benchmark and contribute towards creating a novel holistic education technology system.

Meet Our CEO

Atikah Rahma

At Cyberspace Academy, we blend coding and robotics seamlessly, opening doors to a world where innovation knows no bounds. Our STEAM-driven courses go beyond code, fostering a love for creativity and problem-solving. Join us to explore the synergy of technology and imagination, crafting a future where every line of code and each robotic creation propels you towards limitless possibilities. Cyberspace Academy: where simplicity meets innovation, and education becomes an exciting journey.

The Teachers

Ihda Nur Ihsani

Adolien Rose Merry